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Free Diets - Advice About Weight Loss Programs, Diet & Weight Loss Pills and Diet Nutrition. Including Questions About Low Carb Diets, Low GI Diet, Glycemic Index, Plus Articles on Obesity, Atkins Diet, South Beach, Exercise & Fitness.


Caaom.org Bookstore - Books on Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine



BoMi Body/Mind/Spirit Guide: Massage Therapy & Bodywork Therapy, Mental & Emotions Therapies, Spiritual Therapy/Paths. A guide to over various methods of healing and personal growth. Related books, links and addresses to practitioners and institutes.


The Institute for Chromotherapy is an environment targeted towards deep healing using light, color and energy motion techniques. In addition, the Institute for Chromotherapy yields training in these particular disciplines and modalities for such healing.



Numerology software for business and personal use, by renowned numerologist Matthew Goodwin. Free Trial Version prints reports and charts about you.


Numerology readings, free sample numerology software, numerology software, numerology reports, Psychic discussion



Numerology Online : Daily personal online numerological informations and advices to optimize your day.


Affinity Numerology -- Free, Confidential, Easy, Fast Dependable Results



Free Numerology Software - Free Numerology Reading - Learn Numerology and get information and Metaphysical advice.



Dreamtime free Numerology Readings and Numerology Compatibility Readings created on-line. Nature, spirituality, healing culture. Earth Spirit Health Dreamtime Community.


Cabinet de consultanta astrologica.



Zen quotes from the philosphies of Zen, Buddhism, and Taoism. Send your greetings with zen cards, or enter the meditation hall and share this silent space with others around the world.


The official website of the Meditation Society of America. Whether you're a beginner, expert, or somewhere in between, you will find valuable information on meditation techniques and concepts from all traditions throughout the world.



Meditation validated by over 600 scientific studies. The best meditation against stress. Online video! Specially chosen mantras and personal instruction - the only effective way for reliable, beneficial meditation. Worldwide Centers.


This is the international home page of the organizations which offer courses in Vipassana Meditation in the tradition of Sayagyi U Ba Khin as taught by S.N. Goenka and his assistant teachers.



Visit our Web site and achieve conscious relaxation and stress reduction through meditation. RealAudio meditations allow you to listen, relax and achieve inner peace right on the Web.


The World Wide Online Meditation Center is a user-friendly site, created to provide clear, straight-forward meditation instruction to people anywhere on the planet.



Learn How to Meditate Using Transcendental Yoga Meditation Techniques


Welcome to modern e-age homeopathy!


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TRIPOD HEALTH 108 (TPH108) - tinctura complexa din 108 plante medicinale

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